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Constant access to critical and important products

The right product, at
 the right place and right time is vital for many businesses. A traditional warehouse with limited hours and incomplete inventory has its limitations. AutomatService solves these problems. AutomatService is a service for secure storage where supplies, equipment, machinery, car keys, computers, projectors, drills, labelling devices and much more are stocked with you. The cabinets are placed in strategically selected areas in your workplace and enable your staff to access the products themselves, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Savings from the first day
Full cost control
Support, service, installation and savings analysis included.


AutomatService is available in four different solutions

1. SavePro Vending machine

SavePro is a vending machine that is just as simple as a confectionery vending machine. You choose the product, press a button and the item will be dispensed. In only a minute, your staff can be back at work. The orders are made automatically and restocks can be managed either by your staff, by an external partner, or by our staff – based on what agreement is reached. The automatic order placement reduces the demands on your purchasing department and eliminates rush orders.


3. SaveBox Cabinet module

The SaveBox cabinet module helps you to stock products that require a little more space. SaveBox is suitable for delicate, expensive, bulky or heavy products. This solution is perfect, for example, for socket sets, work lights, cable reels, work shoes, work clothes and much more. It is possible to connect several modules together. In addition, it is also possible for every employee to have their own compartment. In order for you to easily see what is in each compartment, SaveBox is equipped with sturdy glass windows. The compartments are available in various sizes to accommodate your particular needs. This vending machine must be connected to a SavePro Vending machine or a SaveRent Lending module.


2. SavePro Lending module

The SaveRent Lending module, lends and takes back products and also offers product tracking. SaveRent is well-suited for measuring and testing instruments, car keys, computers, projectors, drills and labelling devices; equipment that may be needed by many employees on different occasions. SaveRent is operated independently of the SavePro vending machine.

Full control over:

Who borrowed what product
When a product is expected to be returned
Warranty times
When it’s time for maintenance and mandatory calibration
Monitoring of operating time


4. SaveCon Small parts vending machine

SaveCon works like a SavePro vending machine, but is designed for important small items such as bits for cutting, milling, drilling or welding products. The vending machine is a cost-efficient and simple system to ensure access and take control of the daily consumption of small items. SaveCon’s software also enables the tracking of use down to the employee level and provides statistics for a valuable overview of total usage. Just like with a SavePro vending machine, an automated message is sent to the responsible purchaser, to external partners, or directly to us, when levels drop below a predetermined level. The shelves in the SaveCon Small parts vending machine can also be constructed in a SavePro Vending machine.

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