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BIG Invest

We invest in long-term local ownership

In order to strengthen BIG-gruppen’s position in the building materials and industrial supplies sector, a venture capital company has been set up under the name BIG Invest. The company was set up partly in response to the consolidation that has taken place, and is still taking place, in the hardware sector.

BIG Invest’s primary task is to be proactive in the consolidation that is taking place. The company’s activities also include providing support during generational shifts in BIG-gruppen companies, and facilitating expansion of BIG-gruppen.

BIG Invest is owned by BIG-gruppen’s partners and the idea is that they will provide the initial capital for any investments. An example of participation that involves providing financial support is when a BIG-gruppen company wants to acquire another company. BIG Invest’s participation in a deal is always based on the understanding that there is a “taker” who wants to carry on running the acquired company locally.

BIG-gruppen is absolutely convinced that an industrial and building supplies wholesaler is best run by a local businessman who is familiar with local requirements and local demand. A company that is run privately by entrepreneurs creates the right conditions for substantial commitment to, and interest in, the unique requirements of individual customers.

BIG Invest has participated in a number of company acquisitions since the company was set up.