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Industri & Anlegg AS – New BIG company

We are pleased to inform that WORKX – Industri & Anlegg AS in Harstad has chosen to become a partner in BIG Norge AS, and accordingly the BIG group is also represented in Troms County and in Harstad and the Narvik area. Industri & Anlegg AS entry into BIG Norway AS is valid from 01/06/2019. Industri & Anlegg AS was started in 1985 and they have subsequently grown steadily. 10 employees. The facility is of approximately 1400 m2, of which, the trade supplies store is about 900 m2. They focus on industry, shipping and shipyards, construction and civil engineering, service and maintenance, and on public services.

Lundqvist Maskin & Verktyg moves to Lunda

From April 15, Lundqvist Maskin & Verktyg will gather their expertise in new premises at Fagerstagatan 21 in the Lunda industrial area, Spånga. For customers, this means that they have access to a 5000 m2 state-of-the-art professional store and warehouse. This will increase their ability to meet customers’ needs, with a wider range and faster deliveries with more than 21,000 stocked items. As usual customers will be able to find most things in machines, tools and welding at the new address. Moreover, a professional service workshop and modern training facilities as well as a rational and extended gas depot. Activities in Solna and Upplands Väsby will close and merge at the new address in Spånga. However, they remain as usual in Västberga.

Newly recruited Strategic purchaser at the BIG Group

We have the pleasure to announce the BIG Group’s new Strategic purchaser Carola Harrysson. Carola replaces Marcus Wallmark who, after 13 years, chose to leave the BIG Group and the industry for completely new challenges. Carola has vast experience as a purchaser and comes directly from Derome Järnvaror where she worked as Product manager for around  2 years. Before this, Carola worked as a Purchaser at IMAB in Halmstad for  some 30 years where she was also responsible for IT operations and support. She will take up the post sometime in May and Carola will be located at the Gothenburg office.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We at the BIG Group are giving a Christmas gift to Rädda Barnen this year, contributing to giving more children a chance of surviving, and having a successful future.

Rädda barnen

Røgeberg Maskin AS – New BIG Company

We are pleased to inform you that Røgeberg Maskin AS in Hønefoss has opted to become a partner in BIG Norge AS.

Røgeberg Maskin became part of the BIG group on June 1st, 2018, which means that the BIG Group is now represented in Hønefoss, located about 60 km northwest of Oslo. They sell to the market in the area around Ringerike, Hole and Jevnaker, as well as having lots of customers in Hallingdal. The business was established in 1979 and they now have 8 employees. The target groups are customers within industry, construction, the trades, agriculture and the public sector. Røgeberg Maskin sells a wide range of construction and industrial products and they have their own servicing and warranty workshop for various machines.


Vest Supply AS – New BIG Company

We are pleased to announce that Vest Supply AS has opted to become a partner in BIG Norge AS as of 01/04/2018. This means the BIG group is now represented in the coastal town of Kristiansund in Møre og Romsdal county in Central Norway.

Vest Supply was founded in 1992, and currently has 12 employees. The customer base consists of companies within off-shore and industry where they offer a 24 hour call-out service. Vest Supply has a first-rate professional facility where delivery vans serve customers in industry, civil engineering, service and maintenance as well as public operations etc. within the Kristiansund area. Everything is delivered by staff with long experience and immense expertise.

They offer a wide selection of goods and services including some 70 different courses. We would like to give Vest Supply AS a warm welcome to the BIG Group!

Read more in the local press in Kristiansund

Industrivarer AS – New BIG Company

We are pleased to announce that Industrivarer AS in Namsos has opted to become a partner in BIG Norge AS as of 1 March 2018. Industrivarer was founded in 1980, and currently has 10 employees. The company’s professional facility, which spans 1,300 m2 in total,  consists of an 800 m2 professional outlet and 500 m2 servicing workshop. They sell products via sales representatives, inside sales and shop staff to professional customers within the timber industry, building and construction industry, and other public sector industries in Namsos and northern Trøndelag.

Skene Järn makes one new acquisitions

Skene Järn AB expands through the acquisition of JOVAB in Varberg March 1, 2018. JOVAB currently acts as a hardware provider with a strong position in personal protection, mainly for professional customers in the construction and industrial sectors with strong roots in Varberg and Halland. BIG would like to give JOVAB a warm welcome to the BIG Group.

Hansen & Krogh AS – New BIG Company

We are pleased to announce that Hansen & Krogh AS has opted to become a partner in BIG Norge AS as of 1 January 2018, and that BIG-gruppen is represented in Norway’s capital.

Hansen & Krogh was founded in 1963 and currently has 12 employees. The company’s professional facility is situated in Grorud, which is a district in the north-east of Oslo. The company has a large, neat professional outlet and regional warehouse which stocks tools, consumable materials, construction and industrial products, fasteners, grouts & adhesives, personal protective equipment, workwear, etc. There is also a proprietary servicing workshop on the premises.

Hansen & Krogh sells to professional customers within construction, trades, workshops, industry, and the public sector in Greater Oslo via sales reps who travel around the Oslo region, and from the company’s professional outlet.

The company’s goal and vision is to be Oslo’s best-stocked professional outlet for industry and building & construction, and to be a leading supplier in their market area.

Gamla Jernboden – New BIG Company

We are pleased to announce that AB Gamla Jernboden in Ronneby has opted to become a partner in Bygg- & Industrigross Sverige AB as of 1 January 2018.

Gamla Jernboden was founded at the end of the 19th century and currently has 20 employees.

The company’s facility spans approximately 6,000 m2 and consists of a large, neat professional outlet with a local/regional warehouse which stocks tools, machinery, personal protective equipment, fasteners, work site equipment, and diverse supplies. They have sales reps who travel around the company’s market area, which is Blekinge, with concentrations from Karlskrona in the east to Karlshamn in the west. Most of the products are delivered with the company’s own trucks to the end-customers.

Major customer segments are professional customers in industry, workshops, maintenance and the public sector, and they have many customer storage facilities up and running, similar to warehousing services.