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Warehousing service

How simple can it be ?

BIG_LS_web-1_engBIG warehousing service for maximum efficiency and optimisation of your stocks. Regardless of whether it is in your industrial production, at your building site or in your maintenance workshop. Instant access to the most important products. You hand over responsibility for warehousing and logistics to us. Consumables, tools, protection and machines. You get increased control over purchasing, help with continuous stocktaking and are able to minimise the cost of holding stocks. Quite simply, a well-oiled warehouse operation. Even if you have stocks which do not tie up much capital, you often gain from optimising logistics and getting the right supplies at the right time. We show you what you could stand to gain, then the choice is yours.

Customer references

CTC, Ljungby

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“A well-managed supply chain and immediate access to important and critical components is a prerequisite in order for our production to function. Using BIG Warehousing Service means we can be assured of a secure supply chain and we avoid production stoppages caused by a lack of consumables. Marking systems and assistance with new projects and new prototypes are also a big advantage of BIG Warehousing Service, as, for instance, was the case with the production launch of CTC V-40.”

Jonas Johannesson, CTC

Kvalitetsbygg, Stockholm

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“For us it is important to be able to focus on the construction processes and not have to waste time and effort on “bread and butter products”. Warehousing Service ensures we always have a secure supply of consumables so that the building contract is not affected by costly stoppages.”

Per, Kvalitetsbygg, Stockholm