Eskilstuna – IP Industripartner


I P Industripartner is a company with a high level of skills and wide experience among its employees. Since its inception in 1989, I P Industripartner has been focusing on providing its customers with the best possible service and offering a wide stock of local supplies.  Although I P Industripartner offers a wide product range and works with customers in a number of different industries, most of its customers are from the engineering and construction sectors. The core product areas consist of technical rubber, tools, fastenings and protection equipment for the engineering and construction industries.

I P Industripartner
Gustafsvägen 13B
633 46  Eskilstuna

Tel. +46 (16) 51 52 50
Fax. +46 (16)14 52 28

  • Maintenance & service
  • Industry
  • Building trades and crafts
  • Total Service Provider
  • Delivery
  • Warehousing Service
  • Service workshop
  • Webshop
  • ISO 14001/9001
  • Embroidery/printing
  • Standby service